How many dogs go on the park trips?

We usually have between 5 – 8 dogs each trip to the park. We prefer smaller groups in order to keep the dogs in a calmer, low-key pack. This allows us more time to focus and interact with the dogs on an individual basis. We’re happier and the dogs are happier!

How many team members are part of Dogs en Route?

There is Lauri and Niko. You can read more about us here.

How do you work with the dogs?

We have trained in the art of doggy distraction (redirection), quiet park entrances, positive reinforcement for essential park commands such as ‘come’, ‘off’ (for jumpers), sit (gotta do this in to get that) and ‘drop’.

While we are not trainers, there are certain desirable behaviors we need to understand and promote for the dogs to work as a group while we travel throughout the parks.

When getting out of the car, the pack has learned they are to get out one at a time. They wait for their leash to be picked up and their named called. This works because we’re incredibly consistent. The dogs learn this system easily because of the consistency and positive reinforcement.

We walk into the park quietly, and the calmest, quietest dogs get let off leash first. This also teaches the other dogs, that their reward for entering the park quietly is a quick release to playtime. Don’t worry if you think your dog will not adjust to this for whatever reason. It may take a more rambunctious dog more time than a calm dog to learn, but to our amazement and pleasure, this system works beautifully. If your dog is more rambunctious or barky, they learn that they have to work for their release. Meaning, they stay on leash until they can complete a sit while we take their leash off. Again, this is where consistency is key. They learn though! And it’s awesome to see a dog become quiet upon entry who wasn’t before.

Which parks do you take the dogs to?

We normally take the pack of dogs to Magnuson and Northacres off-leash dog parks. Some days we visit the less crowded Jose Rizal or Golden Gardens dog parks.

What is your cancellation policy?

Canceling: If you would like to cancel a park trip, please let us know the EVENING prior, before 10pm. Canceling after that time will result in full payment.

Adding: It’s most helpful to me if you let us know you would like to add a park trip the evening prior as well. If you add the morning of, we cannot guarantee we will have space.

When and how do we pay?

We will track all dog services and invoice at the end of each month. Expect to get an invoice emailed to you within the first week of the following month.

Currently, accepted form of payments are Venmo (@Lauri-Carrasco), cash, check and Cash App. At this time, we do not accept PayPal.

What time will my dog be picked up?

The morning pickup is 8am- 9:30 am.

The afternoon pickup time is 11am- 1pm.

Due to traffic, construction, and talking to owners, it is not easy for Lauri to give a specific pick up time. 

When will I pay for park trips?

Invoices are mailed out at the end of every month. 

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