My name is Lauri
Carrasco and I am a local
resident and
have been a
dog walker in the Seattle
Area for the last 5 years.
I take my pack of dogs to the
Greenlake dog park, where the regular park attendees
(humans and dogs) are all very familiar with each of my
dogs, and their various personalities. We are at the park
for a minimum of
2 hours everyday. My dogs are very
close knit bunch, and hopefully your dog will fit right in!
DETAILS: You provide the leash, and I come to your
house while you are at work, and pick up your dog(s)
and take them out for a day at the park. They come
home to you happy and pooped out! Most dog walkers
charge $20 for a 1 hour trip to the park, but for $5 more,
your dog gets an extra hour at the park

  • Greenlake
  • Greenwood
  • Fremont
  • Wallingford
  • Phinney
  • Ballard; Allover
  • Loyal Heights
  • Whittier Heights
  • Sunset Hill
  • Crown Hill
Licensed & Insured
Dogs en Route
Is your dog lonely?
  • This is a rain or shine business. All cleanup during
    muddy weather is included, mainly a spray down at
    the park, or towel dry at home- they wont be let
    loose muddy in your home.
  • Please have towels provided upon dropoff
  • I try hard to be extremely flexible for clients with
    changing schedules- an aspect most dogwalkers are
    very rigid about.
  • I begin pickup around 10:00 am. We arrive at the
    park from 11:30-1:30 and are there for a minimum of
    2 hours.
        *These are just approximate times
West of I-5 and I do not cross
. Farthest north is
slightly negotiable.
area is slightly larger.
I do require all of my dogs to be licensed by the City. Click on the
link above to license your pet!